Imagine a day where something would allow you to monitor the activities that go on in your organization.

Introducing EMPOWER

Imagine a day where something would allow you to monitor the activities that go on in your organization. Wouldn’t it be a dream to log into a system that immediately shows you how many leaves were approved, how many open positions you need to hire for, how many candidates have been interviewed by respective hiring managers and are waiting to hear from you and how many new candidates have applied? Technology has tried to make the daily lives of Human Resource professionals easier by assisting with daily tasks so they can focus on the most valuable part of their job. HR managers know that the real value for the company is in maintaining a positive workplace that maximizes output and retains talent. In order to do this, they need.

1. A large amount of information on their employees and organization (work habits, preferences, experience)

2. The ability and time to view, analyze and make decisions based on this information.

So how has technology tried to help and what is being done to enhance the daily activities of HR professionals.

Current Options

Much of the current technology aims at making one piece of the HR process more efficient. Be it hiring through Social Dice or Payroll through QuickBooks. Both are effective at making their singular task more efficient, but fail to address overarching company-wide concerns. HR professionals must still log into many different systems, which takes a lot of time and can lead to mistakes; while more importantly still failing to show them the larger picture of what is going on. From this, the professional is left with the same problems as before, not enough centralized information to make the right decisions and not enough time to properly explore the issue itself.

Enterprise Resource Planning Tools have started to centralize the information in one place but often do not go far enough. These systems attempt to integrate all facets of the human resource process allowing HR professionals to make optimal decisions. But, creating one that touches on all parts of the HR process has proven difficult. Only now has one come out that is so powerful as to EMPOWER HR professionals to make positive change.

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EMPOWER your Future

Introducing the EMPOWER Enterprise Human Resource Planning Solution by Bista. This solution allows the user to make their jobs more efficient and effective by assisting in things such as recruitment, hiring, payroll, absences, timesheets and so much more. This information is compiled into dashboards and put into a calendar with reminders that prompt you on a daily basis, giving you more time to think about your employees and not what tasks you might have forgotten.


One major feature is recruitment and hiring. This allows someone to not only create job postings but also track how many candidates are needed and have been hired. Once a candidate applies, they move through the hiring process in the system which tracks them from their first interview to the first day. At that point, they will be put into the system and become part of your regular employee pool.

Daily Activities

EMPOWER can assist in day to day activities for employees such as payroll with its sophisticated payment platform. HR managers will have the ability to set up payment amounts and schedules to automatically pay employees. Once each employees account is set up to say when and how much they will be paid, a connection with PayPal can be done allowing all payments to be sent automatically. In addition to this, other things can be automated such as allowances for travel, housing stipends, and other non-salary expenses. All of this allows for a system where paying employees is easy and seamless requiring the HR professional to only monitor and refine.

On a similar note, the process for employees taking leave has been made simple. Employees simply use the system to request leave which will be automatically granted or denied based on previously established parameters. Exceptions can be made with the click of a button granting extra leave for sickness or special situations. All this information is made into a report showing the HR professional what is going on in their business. This is why EMPOWER can lead to better decision making.